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Murat Özkan with. "New people, other people" is the second guest. Graduated from Istanbul Technical University. We have met an engineer.

After starting with the University of electronics manufacturing, computer program writing, and input it into the textile sector input. Now, consulting, production and fashion design is done. At the same time "Nervous mental projects" at what is a signature. Last number of the daily radiation to protect pregnant silver panties. Here, read here ....

* What exactly do you do?
I am a designer and electromagnetic waves, which prevents access to the baby in the womb, producing underwear.

* I do not have look like I've stopped, I do not understand ...
Pregnant women produce silver panties!

* Ha now I understand that ... What's the relevance?
I am also a designer, but a graduate of Technical University engineer. And "Nervous mental projects such as" I love to produce projects! My wife was pregnant, now we have a son, three months, the name Sea, that I have attempted this task at that time. For some time the negative effects of the mobile phone I was obsessed, I have read many scientific papers on this subject. You know there are devices emitting electromagnetic waves, or rather, our environment is besieged with them, mobile phones, computers, base stations, high voltage lines, wireless network connections ... You may say to me, but I, my son Marine maniac then, my wife's stomach I wanted to keep at their side effects. And I've done such a design. My wife, wore it during pregnancy underwear ...

* What does it protect?
The electromagnetic waves reflected back to the womb by preventing access to the baby. Because the fabric is composed of 99 percent silver metal. Nanotechnology product, a fabric, surf the internet I discovered quite by chance. A single point is made in the world. I immediately contacted them, I have made from fabrics and design to life I had. Then of course I've tested in the university, I received a patent.

* This Is an invention?
The invention does not in fact, meet the fabric. I did it with the fabric a useful product.

* Your things come to mind all that useful?
Yes ya! Those things make me very excited. OK as a parent can not protect our children from a lot, but at least TL 89 Think of them will be able to protect against a loss of electromagnetic waves from birth. This is something. Moreover, pregnant women, one can spend their underwear with the whole pregnancy.

* How do you mean? Do you ever not be able to destroy?
Said, my wife was wearing underwear under the thin another. If you want to wash too, receive warm water ...

* Abdominal region grows, what happens?
Lingerie is yawning, so I did the design, but very much in weight gain may have a great body.

* What if you or a good marketer, you blowhard ... Or how all this is not correct ones ... I also listen to you if I'm innocently ...
Your mobile phone is not open? Give it to me. Do not see your phone into this sarıyorum underwear. Now, my phone off me, call your own number, let's see what happens ...
(De is doing ... and he says unavailable ... Off comes ...)

* How is it, my phone is open?
E because the signals can not enter into the phone. Do people already invented a bang, there is a result of this disgrace. University tests were performed on the basis of electromagnetic radiation were not passed.


* Are you interested in college when this kind of things did you?
Yes, the time of the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Agency, the former President, in ITU conference arrived, Chernobyl's "No radiation has no effect," he said. German scientist is a subsequent talk he told me the opposite of what they say, the results of their tests, she said they found that tea carrying radiation. Chairman of the Atomic Energy Agency, of course we have taken the eggs. Does such ignominy, they tried to deceive us that period. The rapidly increasing cases of cancer in the Black Sea for a reason at Chernobyl.

* What about the effects of radiation to the unborn baby what you will say?
Damage is very serious. Radiation, in vivid, DNA damage and lead to the formation of destructive free radicals, creates a bad impact. Effects on embryo or fetus low pregnancy, premature birth, poor bone development and so on and so on ...

* So what size of daily radiation in danger?
Unbelievable. People, many years ago for not knowing the harm of smoking were drinking in a way unconscious. Today in cigarette packages "Cancer makes the kill" says blah blah. Mobile phones, base stations type things, our lives entries in the last 10 years. What side effects would be at the moment we do not know. But they know that the electromagnetic radiation and must take precautions.

* Do you work on other things?
Yes. Antibacterial bikini, underwear, and I'm working on products such as breastfeeding Sutyeni ...

* Was sumptuous. Kolay gelsin ...
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