Our products are in the womb, the baby (fetus until the fetus) from the first month of pregnancy until the birth place at the time was designed to protect from electromagnetic radiation.

All of our products contains antibacterial properties of silver which provides 99% elimination

As is known with the increasing use of electrical devices electromagnetic pollution and other living things started to affect human form. This pollution, invisible, and their effects do not occur immediately so are not given enough importance.
Electromagnetic radiation emitting devices, mobile phones, radio tv channel, computer and TV screens, base stations, x ray equipment, high voltage lines, wireless networking, wireless communication devices, etc. creates electromagnetic radiation.

It is claimed that low proportion effect of electromagnetic radiation is increase in pregnant women. Those are such the baby's bone structure is less than normal growth, kidney, adrenal gland, liver, brain development in a negative way, many studies have been made to be effective on. Behavior disorders in children born to carry the risk of various mental disorders that have emerged in a survey in England.

Human body is not under the influence of electromagnetic radiation that absorbs radiation. This suction is performed with cells and the baby's cells start changing (due to growth in the baby cell proliferation are growing very fast). DNA of the cells varies and will be destroyed. These changes can lead to many diseases including cancer initially.

Electromagnetic field damage.

   1. Thermal effects
2. Cell structure damage, pruning gives birth to the following results
- Large molecules in the cell is deformed
- Cell structure to stick together
- Holes in the cell membrane (electro-parosyon)
- Ca-Na-ATPaz and degradation as a result of extracellular enzymes to ATPaz Ca, Na and K
- DNA destruction
- Cancer constructive effect
Microwave relationship with cancer is three ways. Microwaves to create their own cancer, to facilitate entry into carcinogen substances and existing cancer cells to spread faster environment. At the same time to prevent cancer by repairing DNA to reduce melatonini and facilitates the occurrence of tumors.

Our products help to protect your baby during pregnancy from the electromagnetic environment, and for every month of pregnancy does not impair the growth of the womb and flexibility thanks to the side laces can be adjusted easily in all shapes are as stomach. Silver fabric antibacterial properties in areas where skin contact may occur with the bacteria is eliminated. Hand wash in warm water without detergent. As a result of the measurements TÜRKAK Concept TECHNOLOGY CENTER approved 90% protection.

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