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Alm. Elektromanyetische Welle (f), Fr. Front (f) électromagnétique, Eng. Electromanyetic wave. With electric and magnetic field effects, energy transport in waves. Light, heat waves, X rays, radio waves, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation consists of electromagnetic waves by one all. Characteristics of electromagnetic waves are the same as in normal harmonic waves. There are three important characteristics. Frequency, period and wavelength. A frequency is the number of vibrations per second. Unit Hertz (Hz) dir. Full period of vibration duration, peak wavelength is the distance between the two waves. Wavelength multiplied by the frequency gives the speed of propagation of the wave. Still an electric field to an electrical load is always around. Any other electrical load in the vicinity of this area or take it as a force is applied. Stationary electric charge, if it moves around the magnetic field that occurs, this field around a magnet or magnetic metal parts in or taking it to the magnetic force is applied. As a result of electric and magnetic fields are called electromagnetic field. Any change in an electromagnetic field, electromagnetic waves, as is spread confusion. All wave speed in space of 3.108 / s is very close. (Light is the speed of light is an electromagnetic wave is equal to this value.) Electromagnetic waves simply are characterized by frequency and wavelength. Electromagnetic spectrum is possible to understand the various features of the waves. Constitute a very small range of spectrum electromagnetic waves visible. An electromagnetic wave of light is very important. Sunlight through the prism obtained between the red-purple color band in the frequency of extreme red light 4.1014 Hertz, Hertz violet light is around 8.1014. Wavelength red light as the most extreme 7500 Å (angstrom = 10-8 cm), purple light around 3800Å. Visible light waves by a red light, the wave length in the order according to the infrared (infrared) rays and radio waves, purple by the ultraviolet light (ultraviolet) rays, x-rays or X rays and gamma rays is found. The longest wavelength radio waves, the shortest wavelength gamma rays is peculiar. Radio waves, a shorter wavelength as the 103 ^ (microns), which is 1 millimeter. Gamma-ray is the longest wavelength 0.01 Å'dur. Longest wavelength from the lowest frequency, the shorter wavelength from the frequency is high. Therefore, the lowest frequency radio waves to gamma rays has the highest frequency. Electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic field consists of the spread in space. The source of the electromagnetic field, electric field and magnetic field are electromagnetic waves with the help of these aspects can be found. Electric field (E) and magnetic field (H) is perpendicular to each other. Electromagnetic field (P), the make up of the two that are perpendicular to the plane. As a result, the three vectors perpendicular to each other in three areas may be shown. The first experiments with electromagnetic waves 19 century built by Henrich Hertz, Maxwell set out by the electromagnetic theory of light, in general, all electromagnetic waves has been applied. Various properties of electromagnetic waves, examined the relationships between them have been formulated. Electrostatic charges between the gravitational force, magnetic materials between the gravitational force, a conductor with current passing through the current make up of the magnetic field of the relationship between the magnetic field with its constitution the electromotive force between the relations, always according to this formula is calculated. Velocity of electromagnetic waves, so they pass through wavelengths varies by environment. Frequencies according to the environment does not change. Wavelengths mentioned, kasdedilir the value space. The speed of a space C, the speed in any environment is also indicated by V, V = C / ^ K is. Here I, magnetic conductivity, K is the dielectric constant of the environment. A relationship similar to an environment when switching from a medium wave refraction and reflection is concerned. According to the plane wave normal angle of incidence i, a refraction angle and the speed of media V1, V2, the CPC / sina = V1/V2 is correlation. Today's radio, television, radar and a variety of communication devices from a distance of all electromagnetic waves with the longest dalgaboylusu works with radio waves. Waves produced by the transmitter in the receiver's antenna gives birth to an electrical current. This trend of increasing wave move is made that the desired signal. Smaller than 1 millimeter wavelength radio waves are called microwaves. In fact, the wavelength of infrared waves is smaller than 1 millimeter. That is the same character to carry the microwave. The difference microwave electronic way, the heat as infrared waves is happening.

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