------ Electromagnetic radiation emitted from the screen

Sophisticated electronic devices that electromagnetic bigisayarlar
spectrum very different frequencies (or wavelengths)

areas and emit waves.

Among these, the most low-frequency electric and raises concern
are the magnetic field. These areas, described in the previous section
are similar, differences have a more complex frequency structure
express that. Today, with low electric and magnetic fields
widespread use of computers because computers important
ceased to be a source of electromagnetic fields has. Following
Why do not seem to worry if more than comply.
-Most importantly, your computer screen, especially possible
that is to sit far away. Large as possible

Work with fonts. 

17 inches or over your screen at least 70 cm, 14-15 inches in
Be at least 60 cm away. Dramatically with distance fields
is falling. This distance can not view the screen comfortably
If you have or other obstacles, too, do not worry yet
as far as possible, try to sit down.
Low electric and magnetic fields-which screens prefer.
It MPR-II for the first TCO, but at least as
characterized using the screen name. Bigisayarınızın properly grounded
Make sure you have. Screen filters and image quality
eye fatigue may be good, but only grounded filters
electric fields and magnetic fields, even cut and they
not cut.
The magnetic field and the back-side of the screen are very
higher. Vary but in general
these faces at least 80 to 100 centimeters away from someone
should not be found. Workplaces should be designed accordingly.
Magnetic fields can pass from inside the walls should not be forgotten.
On-off screen when not in use-Bigisayar
from the side away from the button or by turning off unnecessary

Do not stand in place of the fields.

Areas of the screen automatically disappears in the decision
does not mean that.
However, some energy-saving systems that display many
shifts to a position of low energy expenditure. Usually in this case
areas will also greatly reduced. (In this case, a computer,
or when a key is pressed, the mouse hand immediately, but
come back within a few seconds.) -Flat (LCD, etc..) Displays the electric and magnetic fields lead to
are open. In general, these areas is lower than that caused by the screen, as laptop computers, but in general to this screen
greater emphasis on more recent results for the area subject to
status was not possible. The severity of these areas to the brand and modelvary according to that, is not easy to make generalizations.
Continuing the effects on the eye of bigisayar early studies,
physical and psychological stress, and sustained the same finger movements scope of diseases due to repeat this type of
exclude computer users with negative
are some other problems that affect. Computers and screens

need to be developed is more ergonomically.

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