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Radio wave and microwave-emitting devices in the house although many of them spread around the areas they are usually limited to very close and does not constitute a drawback. After running out of the microwave oven or a few meters away from the kitchen to go to be considered an adequate measure. (Microwave and discuss possible effects on the food you take into consideration is not a separate issue.)

Most of the open space resources in the radio and microwave antennas are located various purposes. The waves emitted at different rates when entering the building into a building, they lose their power to offer adequate protection may not be within. Metal shields may not stop these waves at different rates, but in this way to equip homes or workplaces are not always practical, as most of the time is not enabled. However, if your home against the ministers from the antenna if it adjacent to the front rather than in rooms or other interior rooms are facing to the front more time to spend, or at least this kind of children's relatively preserved in the rooms to be deposited may be useful.

Radio and television antennas or towers in the high places of the city in general is for. In general, expressed in kilometers largely fallen away is the power of the wave. Most cases of exposure to high power, the ministers met in close proximity to the antenna at a location to live.

In the case of the antenna in the immediate neighborhood, but rather are mixed low.

Both very high and low areas around here can be found (at the bottom of the antenna has been accepted for). Above-mentioned target at a distance of power which falls below the threshold in the power of the antenna and power depends on how much focus.

Radar and link stations usually have satellite dishes. (The transmitter is not only the recipient who does not mind any of the antennas.) Around the antenna domes are sometimes called radome. Waves emitted from this antenna is relatively easy to prevent. For example, even in a building very near the rear facing flats are much less affected. However, the direct view of the antennas in the field who may be exposed to very high power.

Nowadays, people most commonly encountered cell phones and microwave source are the cell phone antenna site. Cell phone use potentially harmful effects of those who have to take the following precautions can reduce the:
-Use as little as possible, especially at a time, try to minimize the time you talk. Far as possible from the stop and / or closed.
-People that allegedly protect the equipment, within the author's knowledge, none
does not provide meaningful protection. However, some mobile phone manufacturers to design phones that lower fields for is working.
-Close to others using your cell phone off when you can choose to stop, but occasionally as short-term exposure of the mind probably was not going to be thinking more of this and similar cases do not worry and do not put yourself in difficulties.

Mobile phone use, like smoking is optional for the personal benefit / loss is a matter. On the other hand, many mobile phones are everywhere perpendicular to the ground antennas that constitute a risk to not take advantage of the phone.

These antennas are usually three or triangular-shaped structure has a short hill or around towers or buildings are to be mounted. In general, the ministers met for someone, even a few hundred meters away from them far enough to be acceptable. However, the ongoing housing or working towards an environment minister from a hundred meters from the antenna is close to a disturbing case of radio and microwave effective way to protect again the power of waves to measure and mentioned to compare with the threshold value. Unfortunately, this type of device, even in developed countries is not widely accessible. Even agreement on a temporary threshold should be ensured, and to establishing this antenna, and where people live, no obligation to provide this threshold should not be exceeded. Most radio and television transmitters, radars, radios, microwave ovens, mobile phones and many other devices roughly 1 megahertz (MHz) = 106 Hz to 10 gigahertz (GHz) = 10x109 Hz at frequencies ranging between waves emit. This frequency electric and magnetic fields is not necessary to make distinction between them is always a constant rate because vardır.olarak be seen.
Appropriate threshold values should be exactly what is unclear,
1 mikroWatt / santimetrekare = 10-2 Watt / square meter (W/m2) can be taken as the target. However, even in much lower amounts can be harmful as well as those who claim that higher amounts are not harmful, even those who say there are.

Work here's been brought up to microwaves and cell phones stop a little bit more detail to see the huge benefits believe, and some parts even if the re-issue from all sides as possible, it is useful to examine, and also keep:

1 - Microwaves (MD) wave height is 0.1 - 100 cm, frequency 0.3 - 300 gigahertz (GHz) (107 Hz = 1 GHz) which are electromagnetic waves.
2 - MD today, there are used in: a) mobile phones and their towers, dam and antennas (base stations) b) Radar c) MD ovens d) TV and radio transmitters
antennas e) satellite communication stations.
3 - MD'lar tissue makes two main effects: a) Texture and heat (thermal effect) infects tissue cells to the chemical (non-thermal or chemical). The heating effect, limit risk and officially adopted at the top of these doses (high doses), below the dose limits for chemical hazards (low doses) has occurred. Granting long-term low-dose MD'ların, short-term high dose is much more risky.

Mobile phone antennas in the roof for a long time limits under threat and in this respect is very dangerous MD can give. Unfortunately, the authorities risk of MD as the dose limits for tissues to determine the 1oC heating, does not take into account the effects of chemical MD'ların eşikaltı. Therefore, the real danger today, reflecting official danger is far from the border. For example, chronic low-dose effects of carcinogen MD'ların (danger limit of six doses) dependent and has revealed the inadequacy of official danger limit. Chronic low-dose cancer did MD'ların There are many publications related.

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