.... The source of electromagnetic waves and authors

What kind of world we live in trying to
we fight against the danger, or more correct words
ever considered not able to fight that? We can see and
Under the bustle of the bombing and could not see the danger

trying to protect ourselves and watch.

Yes diseases; the number of diseases that plagued mankind to
Did you ever think? Ten, hundred, thousand ... Ask a doctor friend
Let's look at how many kinds are faced with the disease? What is more
Let me break your morale, but I have this summer, which one can reject?
And we call on behalf of civilization, our life easier and the job

While it secretly threatening technological innovations ... 

That dear readers, this hidden threat best and unfortunately the very beginning
most of us do not know yet ... ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION
This is what happens when and where due to the terrible monster that
how it affects human life in the last months of 1999 (November 11, 1999)
Gazi University Medical Faculty in Ankara with the Department of Biophysics
A symposium conducted by the Informatics Association of Turkey was discussed.

Provide very valuable to scientists report that by attending.

it may speak at the symposium, the available opportunities to all sections of society
until the end of humanity by forcing a debt should be to convey that
Believing you heard the need to transfer.
Presentation of papers in all sections of society from time to time by the simple

in technical terms that can not be understood as possible.

a concern for everyone and everyone can easily understand the information may
I will try to transfer. While this task, respectable science

I want to specify the tolerance of the man I sought refuge. 


Electromagnetic (EM) fields around us that all current carrying cables,
electrical appliances, high voltage lines, TV and computers, TV and radio
antennas, FM and TV transmitters, microwave ovens, mobile phones,
satellite antennas, transmitting antennas, we use in our house washing
machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens,
hair dryers, electric razors, electric heaters,
medical devices. So that users do not stop with EM waves spread.
We are a little less visible light from the vibration of the vibrating
IR (Infrared, Infrared) or EM wave EM radiation do
We're rolling and we continue vitality IR radiation will spread.
Our bodies, but the heat generated to burn food, body temperature 37C'de
to keep constantly has to spread around. This IR radiation
does. Natural areas for people around the evolving technological development
and destroyed. Technology to offer us our life easier
all appliances (mobile phones, computers, televisions, electric home appliances,
satellite antennas, wired communication systems. etc.), this alignment is disrupted.
Because of this tool EM fields, EM fields in the human body and
areas of the natural environment is much higher. For example, in daily life
homes and workplaces have a refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer
machine, TV, computer, electric heaters, irons, mixer, food processor,
fluorescent lamps, electric razors, hair dryers, electric
magnetic fields, such as blankets, tools 1mg (miligaus) - 25 G between
varies. Maximum magnetic field of 25 G with a hair dryer,

5 -10 G has a fluorescent lamp with electric razors.

Color TV and computer monitor between the magnetic field of 1-5 G.
Today, millions around the world are using cell phones. So
very small, even the existence of harmful effects to health care to
necessity is clear. Especially the use of mobile phones in the frequency
EM field in 1993 by Belgian scientists in the P53 gene
cause damage to show that the same frequency (2.45 GHz) in mice
create brain lesions Washington University (1995)
show, head of the WHO EMF project, M. Repacholi'nin mobile
phone frequency in mice caused by lymphoma of the findings of
running WTR (Wireless Technology Research) by
rejection, the famous Biophysics research process on behalf of Motorola
Rose does not accept the results of research Adey'in Motorola's
scientific studies to stop with him, only in France last
in both sexes in one year 31% increase in the number of brain tumor
offered us unlimited resources and irresponsible use

just a few of the important indicators. 

Mobile phone use, high-voltage line and base iztasyonu
regarding foundation of the rapid increase of cancer, including headache and memory loss
to increased interest in negative effects on health. This interest in the face of
World Health Organization, which will take 10 years and 44 countries participated
International Electromagnetic Field Project (World Health Organization,
International Electromagnetic Field Project) 'ni launched in 1996.
This project between the EC, ILO, including NATO's 8th International
and the Central Research Laboratory is supporting organizations with 8. (Mobile

much more detailed information about the phone in the future will be given).


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