To date, the scientific research on electromagnetic fields
and waves of violence and power even in very small variety of biological
showed effects.
Found in the natural environment areas, even in this area much lower
levels because, living in these areas against the possible effects of
as evolutionary mechanisms have acquired a special protection
can not be expected. In this case, one of these various biological effects
it is not likely to be harmful to people ignoring the other does not.
Many epidemiological and other scientific studies that also
support. On the other hand, in this area so far,
alleged numerous causes of chronic illness or
health problems (cancer, low or disabling birth, the immune system
weakening, etc..) among all the researchers agreed on
show cause-effect relationship could not be very clear.
This personal protection in the face of scientific uncertainty and public health
in terms of how should we proceed? The most rational solution, cautious
cost is too high and does not act first of all measures
to receive, but the cost is too high take precautions before
society that are proven to have faced (and some more
large) risk is also taken into consideration. Can be
measures the cost is too large for the available limited resources, this
Using proven to reduce the risk of other more useful
Today, most people would face the electromagnetic fields
smoke damage to, nuclear radiation, heavy air pollution,
from chronic malnutrition and look less likely
Harmful. However, the exposed areas is increasing day by day
and that their effects may arise, but in the long term be

change this situation.

Another important issue when we look at society in terms of a certain
those who benefit from technology, that technology sharing the risks of those
same people who do not have. Appropriate arrangements, taxation,
and / or free market mechanisms benefit / burden distribution
just be provided for. For example, mobile phone manufacturers, mobile
phone no less affected than people under the antenna will leave
would be very expensive, and therefore the consolidated at the previous
It can not be rational in accordance with the logic of the paragraph.
Economy as a whole, but here the benefit of the people's money
not, mobile phone users is the money. Protection question
under the influence of the health of the antenna is the health of all people.
Therefore, benefit / expense account while carrying out their benefits and burden
should be kept in mind that those who see.
Electromagnetic fields caused certain health problems yet
has not been proven to not leave room for doubt that, on this issue
research in progress, to inform people, inexpensive measures to take,
and benefit / burden distribution as possible what you have to be fair
must be made. In this context, a more general topic of discussion is: Necessary measures for the receipt of a product that is harmful
burden of proof falls to the public you are, or widely
be used to indicate that the load is harmless to
it is generated by their fall? In the first of the money needed for research use this product should not everyone get's out of pocket is, reflected in the price of the product in puisne of those who use that product.

An important point to keep in mind here a technology
any potential loss is not scientifically very difficult to prove,

is that even almost impossible.

Here, an alternative to traditional state control mechanisms constitute
the free-market approach to certification that the brief
will. A product of the disadvantages of detection and to protect consumers
measures to be taken by the state takes a very long time.
Therefore, a professional organization with a TCO in Sweden, the computer
To protect employees who use a certification program
launched. This program is very bigisayarların without increasing the cost of
magnetic and electric fields to reduce as much as possible,
and other ergonomic features developed to improve
standard is based on.
The companies that want to volunteer can apply for certification.
Consumers choice in this direction specified by many good brand for today
TCO certificate is received. The important thing here, the machine
for the reduction of electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic
related to damage to the health of a definite conclusion
is not expected. Consumers have to be harmful to the health
potential as a sufficient reason to take precautions were
TCO certified products and have opted to show in this way
has ceased to be a major threat bigisayarlar today. Classic
expected state control mechanisms, possibly longer
while the risk would be taken.
In western countries, adopted as official or institutional, more
people should not be exposed to high-value threshold
for most of the warming of tissues based on only
mechanisms are determined by taking into consideration. But today
warming, and much lower values are not based on
large number of biological mechanisms that can perform on the agenda
was. Therefore, the threshold values mentioned in this article,
picture is lower than the threshold value. Former eastern bloc countries,
According to western countries in general, much lower than the thresholds
have been considered an interesting observation.
In this paper, three commonly encountered electromagnetic field or
wave source will focus on: 50 Hertz (Hz) alternating current
electricity network, the computer screen, radio and television, mobile phones,
radar and other radio and microwave frequencies broadcaster
Electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves
of what nature (frequency, intensity, power, etc.). may be decisive,
health effects which is proportional to the dose parameters, and
What should be the thresholds of their controversial.
However, in general, how long people are exposed to damage
It may be large enough to be considered. This area as a short-term
and exposure to power the modern world it is virtually impossible
(any mobile phone in your hand when using a high-voltage lines
Under passes, etc.). Therefore, this area longer
and remain under the influence of waves to target to avoid more
seems significant.
This area and the severity of waves or away from power sources as
rapidly decreases. After time away from the second element is effective in protection.
Some types of fields and waves in various ways: preventing or
Although this approach can be reflected in general practice

is not.


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