... .... The results of the electromagnetic pollution

Living in homes near high voltage lines in children
the increase in childhood cancer in the epidemiological
With all this research to show the U.S. National Academy
of Sciences (American Academy of Sciences) by re -
examined in 1996 and living near high voltage lines
risk of leukemia seen in children 1.5 times compared to others
the American Academy of Sciences by more than was adopted.

Epidemiological studies of high voltage lines and electrical configuration
tools (0-300 Hz) indicate an increased risk of cancer.
0-300 Hz frequency fields due to the conductivity properties
most affected brain tissue fluid and blood, secondary level
the affected eye tissues, eye fluid, troid, muscle, gastrointestinal
system, prostate and testis tissue are.
Made some of the epidemiological and experimental studies

results are shown below.


    * Daily life of the exposed areas of the brain tumors,
leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia, especially in males is increasing
observed. 2mg (two miliGaus) very small, such as magnetic
areas of leukemia, lymphoma and soft tissue sarcomas more
all cancer types, including more than 1.4 times increases.

* Britain, Sweden and the United States; EM fields of acute myeloid leukemia
increases the risk was reported.

* 1979, and high-voltage lines in the U.S. childhood cancer
The relationship between the age of 18 has been investigated in 344 children, and even in the proximity
significantly higher in children with leukemia has increased
have been reported. Houses located near the line for adults
2-fold increase of leukemia was observed.

* In 1982 in Sweden 200KV'luk High Voltage Lines (YGH) 's
Incidence of childhood cancers in the house near 150 m
Was reported to increase 2 times. (YGH'nın where formed
magnetic field 0.1 G - 0.5 G). 1986, exceeding the 3mG'u
exposed to the magnetic field intensity in the risk of cancer
2.7, whereas in the same address for people born and still living
risk of 5.6 or upgrade has been reported.

* Electrical line workers in the cancer of the brain
rate was 7 times more.

Almost everyone living in modern society as a natural continuous

much on the electromagnetic field caused by those events and waves are in. These high-intensity or power
levels is no doubt that they are harmful to human health.
However, the people they encounter in their daily life, lower
level of the field and wave to human health even in the long term
negative effects on whether to be questioned
continues. Worldwide, electricity generation and distribution
companies and manufacturers of electrical devices, mainly human health
not a threat in terms of saying, or have very little.
On the other hand, claim that science research resources in this regard
sell products or services and protection for people who often
potential or actual damages can not be denied and serious

sizes are claiming to be.


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