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1) In 1982, the United States from the University of Oregon Dr.. W. Morton, Oregon radio antenna near the house showed an increase in cancer.
2) In 1981, Dr Honolulu. B. Anderson and A. Henderson TV and radio antenna showed increases of 37.5% risk of cancer.
3) In 1995 in Sydney Dr. Bruce Hocking 4 km to the TV antenna. "Closer to the homes of more than 50% of children with acute lymphatic leukemia (1.61-fold) showed an increase. Their children were MD mikrowatt/cm2 dose 0.02-8, ie the limit of danger for Australia MD 1000 less than one. Low doses of this very strong evidence MD'ların saying that the cancer was made. This study was presented at the annual meeting of the U.S. Department of Energy.

4) In 1979, living close to high voltage electric lines Werthermer and Leeper of cancer in children showed increased 2-3 times. These children in very low dose of ELF (extremely low Frequence = very low frequency) waves (frequency of 50 Hertz) had been exposed. Underground high voltage cables or carcinogen ELF waves are spread


Experimental animals (especially in rabbits) eye lens to find (curtains or cataract), the eye cornea (the cornea) and find observed in bulk liquid into the cell, the color layer (iris) inflammation (iritis), gözdibi (retina) damage. Anterior and posterior polar cataract eye lens due MD'lara keeps. Eye dryness and discomfort may be correspondingly eyes. 2.95 GHz 60-240 minutes in rabbit eyes. MD has been issued 15 minutes after the cornea has increased 30 C temperature, pupil eyes narrowed and outer membrane in addition yukardakilere (konjanktiva) was inflamed eyes was the increase in fibrinogen in the fluid.


20 mJ/cm2 at a lower dose of pulse energies even MD cause hearing loss and tinnitus are.


Experiments in animals cell death (necrosis) results sperm count reduction and sterility, freak offspring birth, the fetus in the womb to die for women pieces disorders, estrogen increased as a result of pregnancy is put at risk and low of the increase (especially MD diathermy that work with physical therapy for technicians) were seen. MD'ların chicken, quail, mice and rats has been shown to cause freak puppy.


MD'lar in experimental animals play a fundamental role in defending the body of T8 lymphocytes and natural killer (natural killer or NK) lymphocytes and to reduce antibodies (Ig G, Ig A, Ig M) increases; cellular immunity as a result of the reduction of animals will die from infection.

MD'lar blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, clot-forming stamp Folk) decreases.

Impairs blood chemistry, a crucial enzyme in the brain and blood, too acetylcholine esterase reduces This decrease can be fatal has been reported. Pregnant rats and pituitary beta-endorphin increased placental progesterone resistance to heat stress is reduced. In experimental animals increases mortality MD'lar life shortened. The effect of adrenal glands in response to stress also prevents decrease kortizolün. Sara MD'lar in experimental animals (epilepsy) or money order (febrile convulsions) are made.


Increased blood pressure by affecting the sympathetic system MD'lar are doing and heart failure. Who use mobile phones in the body of numbness, tics, tingling of tiredness is. Burning sensation and pain in the head and face is seen, which takes several hours. American Planning Association (APA) in 1991 in the number of Dr Zoning News. W. R. Adey, such as rats 0,01-28 mikrowatt/cm2 very low dose (dose not make the temperature) gives the MD has observed the following: increased permeability of brain blood vessels, brain amines of the increase, decrease the number of sperm and genes (DNA) disorders. Due to low-dose effects are served long MD'ların, "non-linear" (non-linear) effect is also. Adey and colleagues in human cells and that the critical window for inside MD'ların here to the Ca + + exchange thinks are corrupt.

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